MapR brings cloud-based Hadoop with Microsoft Azure

June 15, 20150

BANGALORE, INDIA: MapR Technologies, Inc., has announced at Hadoop Summit that it is working closely with Microsoft to offer the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop on Azure.

MapR is architected to provide a scalable and agile Hadoop platform and NoSQL database for big and fast data applications. The MapR Distribution will also be integrated with the Azure Data Lake, enabling users to deploy tiered analytical and storage capabilities in the cloud.

“Azure simplifies the on-ramp to the cloud and is the perfect match with our production-ready Hadoop Distribution,” said Steve Wooledge, vice president, product marketing, MapR Technologies. “Organizations use MapR to impact businesses as-it-happens’ through automated processes that shorten data-to-action cycles – and we are now extending that value to Azure’s customers.”

Integration between MapR and Microsoft technologies enables organizations to optimally and efficiently use Hadoop on-demand, in the cloud. With the MapR Distribution, Azure customers will be able to:

• Deploy MapR directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

• Transfer data between MapR and Microsoft SQL Server services within Azure

• Deploy MapR-DB, the MapR in-Hadoop NoSQL database, to support a wide variety of real-time use cases and deployment scenarios

MapR-DB offers advanced operational features such as multi-master table replication, where business users can analyze data across geographic regions while maintaining low latency and automatic synchronization with a centralized table for analytics and BI.


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