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Software Downloads for Microsoft Windows, Office, NT, SQL Server, etc; also find the latest versions for utilities like Teamviewer, Google Chrome, Adobe PDF Reader, Java Runtime Environment, Filezilla FTP Client, etc. used on Windows Operating Systems.


Microsoft Downloads

Microsoft Downloads

Quick Heal Updates Download

Quick Heal Updates

TeamViewer Download


Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome 

Adobe PDF Reader Download

Adobe PDF Reader

RealTek Drivers Download

RealTek Drivers

Dell Drivers Download

Dell Drivers

IBM Drivers Download

IBM Drivers

Lenovo Drivers Download

Lenovo Drivers

FileZilla FTP Client Download

FileZilla FTP Client

iTunes Download


Mozilla Firefox Download

Mozilla Firefox

JRE (Oracle – Java Runtime Environment) Download

Java Runtime

Realtime Attendance Software Download

Realsoft 9.2  Realsoft 10.0  Realsoft 10.0 User Guide 

Here we provide you with latest software downloads.  The term downloading is distinguished from the related concept of streaming, which indicates the receiving of data that is used nearly immediately as it is received, while the transmission is still in progress and which may not be stored long-term, whereas in a process described using the term downloading, this would imply that the data is only usable when it has been received in its entirety. Increasingly, websites that offer streaming media or media displayed in-browser, such as YouTube, and which place restrictions on the ability of users to save these materials to their computers after they have been received, say that downloading is not permitted. In this context, download implies specifically “receive and save” instead of simply “receive”. However, it is also important to note that downloading is not the same as “transferring” (i.e., sending/receiving data between two storage devices would be a transferral of data, but receiving data from the Internet would be considered a download). (Source: Wikipedia)
Regularly visit for more detailed software downloads with new releases and latest editions.

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